The future is bright; the future is decentralized

On Tuesday 4 October 2016 Vincent Mignon and Thierry Obrist speak at an international conference at the University of Neuchâtel on Fintech, Bitcoins, Blockchains and Digital Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

Objectives : The world is going through a real decentralizing, disruptive revolution not only of economic activities, but also of social interrelations and political aspects of life, outside most of us awareness. The goal of the seminar is to define the outlines of this revolution and to understand the opportunies and challenges the technologies relating to cryptocurrencies, blockchains, DAOs and generally fintech represent for the economic, social and political actors.

Targeted audience : All economic, social and political actors who want to understand what the still exotic terminology such as « cryptocurrency », « bitcoin », « blockchain » or « DAO » means and who want to get ahead of the curve that the economy and society are taking in this new reality. Participants targeted by this seminar are entrepreneurs, bankers, players in finance, politicians, lawyers, in-house legal counsels and regulators. Actually all of us who understand that tomorrow is today and who want to be part of the game.

Why in Neuchâtel ? It is not yet well known that Neuchâtel plays a central role in the development of Fintech with the presence on its territory of some of the most influencial startups in this field. And they are ready to share their first thoughts and experiences with us. Besides, Neuchâtel is halfway between Geneva and Zurich.


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